In 2006, three friends decided to take the first step to turn a great idea into a great brand. PAEZ was born in Argentina for the whole world, transforming the classic gaucho alpargata into a fashion icon, an idea that crosses borders and spreads the PAEZ lifestyle worldwide, turning the dream of a group of friends into a community of dreamers that keeps growing.


2020 was a year of surprises in which the world and Paez had to pivot. It forced us to stop and rethink, which allowed us to analyse and realise that it is time to accelerate our commitment in our search to be better every day.


Many were the decisions and choices that have brought us here today. Step by step, Paez has travelled the whole world. Today, with our two feet in Portugal, we are more mature. And we want to do better.

From now on we will continue to reaffirm our essence but in each collection we will take another step forward to make Paez a more committed brand, putting time and effort by making every step of our production and supply chain more responsible. For our SS21 collection, we have introduced recycled textile certified by The Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The GRS is an international standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of Recycled Content and a recycled pet bottle yarn footbed. The fabric is made by a high quality eco-friendly recycled yarn that has been produced by a post-consumer waste and has served its intended purpose, passed through the hands of a final consumer, and has been discarded for disposal or recovery.

It has been made with pet bottles that individuals routinely discard, either in the trash can or a dump or littering. This is an extra step, in addition to our already Peta Vegan approved previous efforts, to be a little more responsible and cause a little less harm in the making of our products.

Today more than ever, the journey is made by doing, step by step, one day after the other.