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FBAUL x PAEZ | Joana Brígida

FBAUL x PAEZ | Joana Brígida

Joana Brígida


Creative Process:

I have a habit of doing this kind of illustration in my sketchbooks. Since I started this habit a long time ago, I don't remember where I got the inspiration. I think it was through Keith Haring's works of art, for his representation of more compact and geometric patterns, and also Wassily Kandinsky, for his art of representing something that is not visible, but something that feels.

All the illustrations are different because they express different feelings. So I decided to call this collection Sentimental. Each model has a name of feeling: Saudade, Confusão, and Ambição, a combination of feelings that we could find in any young person of my age.

About the author:

Joana Brígida is a 20-year-old, Communication Design student. She's in her third and final year, and ever since she was younger, she has had a passion for Fashion Design.

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