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FBAUL x PAEZ | Maria João Estevão

FBAUL x PAEZ | Maria João Estevão

Maria João Estevão

An Informal Conversation

Creative Process:

The project “Uma Conversa Informal” arises from the concern of a high and unrestrained consumption that still happens today, especially in the clothing and accessories sector. The proper value and meaning are not placed on the pieces that are purchased, making this a very superficial moment. I aim to make the shoes transmit a message of change for a more careful and thoughtful consumption.

The words you're seeing makeup speeches in the first person, making the shoes the protagonist. Its main goal is to chat, informally, with whoever is close to the purchase decision. The phrases on each shoe are repeated infinitely throughout the model so that almost a pattern is created and the reading is not immediate. This implies a time dedicated to the shoes, capturing the attention of those who observe them.

The three sentences written on each shoe are short, brief expressions. They are independent of each other, however, when read together, they can also make sense.

“EU SOU DE CÁ” (I'm from here)
This expression then reinforces the fact that the shoe is essentially Portuguese. It is produced by a Portuguese brand and designed with consumption that supports the Portuguese market and reinforces its importance.

“CUIDA DE MIM” (Take care of me)
This expression appears as a direct request to the shoe consumer. A request for a more responsible, more thoughtful consumption. Take care to prolong the life of the product. But also take care to use it as much as possible, not forgetting the shoe and strengthening the relationship with it over the years.

“VOU TER UMA VIDA LONGA” (I will have a long life)
This last sentence emphasizes the length of life of the Paez shoe, and it can also be read as a wish of it. A request of attention to the commitment, which is a purchase that, ideally, comprises the beginning, the during, and the end of life of the shoe.

About the author:

Maria João Estêvão, a 22-year-old from Lisbon. During her academic career, she always had the opportunity to get in contact with various areas of the artistic field. At Fine Arts, she completed her bachelor's degree in Communication Design and is currently enrolled in a Sustainable Design master's degree in the same institution. Quoting Maria João, "I lead a simple life that fulfills me. I'm a curious person, someone who likes to explore and live new adventures. I'm aware of my surroundings, and I care about how we treat our planet, the only place we have as a home".

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