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City chic

Here at Paez, we love the fresh start that a spring/summer season provides because we're all about new beginnings. This year, we Blossom towards becoming our best and most inspiring versions. We challenged portuguese stylist, Carolina Canas, to create looks inspired by our shoes, that could be a perfect match to our espadrilles, or our Mary Janes, Sandals, Mocs and Mules!

Today we wanted to take a jab at city chic looks. Looks that are easy to wear, that you can have fun exploring, and that you can wear all day long, wherever you want.

Creating a captivating and stylish mix and match ensemble requires a touch of creativity and an eye for coordination. It's an art to seamlessly blend patterns and colors while maintaining a cohesive look. Let's explore some effective tips to elevate your fashion game.

To achieve a harmonious mix of patterns, consider overlapping prints with varying scales. Pair a small-scale pattern with a bold, larger-scale design for an eye-catching combination. This technique adds depth and visual interest to your outfit (like lohente's looks).

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