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For many, a season of possibilities. For us, the opportunity to be a part of your happiest moments. Paez is for everyone passionate about life, who's looking for authentic experiences, who want to feel the world surrounding them, and who leave a positive footprint wherever they go.

We’re not going to fix every problem in the world, but we can certainly acknowledge the importance of taking care of yourself, of feeling carefree, of being a keyplayer in society. We care about the after work, the weekends, the moments of relaxation, your vacations. We want to be your absolute choice in those moments and the reminder of good memories.

We walk the talk to make you feel relaxed, to inspire you to take the moment and go for it, and to remind you of better days.


We transform simple, comfortable and accessible products into fun, iconic and inspiring experiences


We’re not alone in this planet, dude. We’re committed to do better for our community and planet by making choices that minimize the impact of our production


We care about the after works, the weekends, the moments of leisure, your vacations. We want to be your absolute choice in those moments and the reminder of good times


Good vibes all the way. We are optimistics! We believe we can work together on building a better world.


Trip down memory lane!

It was 2006 when we were born in Buenos Aires. Three friends came together to make a dream come true, Spread the good vibes, come up with innovative ideas and share inspiring stories all over the world.

Time has passed and a lot has happened.
We visited over 50 countries, and made an impact in almost as many while putting our Paez shoes in millions of feet. We explored all coastlines, from east to west, north to south. Always creating and diversifying.

Now in Portugal, we honour our legacy.
With a colourful offer, comfort, and dedication, we saw what happens when we believe in our vision: Dreams come true/anything can happen.

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